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Well he talks, in confusion
And he faults your point of view
You talk about his apparition
When he talks, hear him laughing at you
Contamination and radiation
Let it crawl while the city sleeps
Your turn to lay for bait for a while
Now you're melting through your burning fields
And all my people say "Ohh..."
He talks, connected scars reopen
A thousand fingers reach out to you
We don't feel no contamination
We don't fear no examination
Oh keep talking, You're a hunter I'm a wolf
Yeah keep talking, I'm the preacher of you fool
Contamination and radiation
Examination, radiation
Let it crawl, wanna see you steeped
Can't turn to blame or think for a while
Now you're married through your burning feet
And my people say "Ohh..."
We don't feel no contamination
Radiation, contamination
Examination, radiation